yase-4-CEDICT (yet another search engine for CEDICT)
This script searches the CEDICT dictionary for a given pattern. It is able to lookup in Chinese, Pinyin and English. It converts the gb or big5 characters to unicode (UTF-8) and prints the pinyin with tones.

  • Changes
  • 1) no longer requires 'safe mode off' in php
    2) calls all separate files of the Unihan database
    3) updated header

  • Files
  • html front-end : yase_in (source : yase_in.phps (Friday March 30, 2012))
    script that performs the search : yase.phps (Friday April 20, 2012)
    script for the information : info (Tuesday April 17, 2012)
    script for the conversion of pinyin conv_py.phps (Friday March 30, 2012)
    bash-script to update your dictionary files. chmod it so it's executable. Place it in your crontab to perform the update on a regular basis.
    bash-script to get Unihan.txt get_unihan

  • See it in action.
  • Changes
  • 1) Added character information lookup. The information is taken form the Unihan.txt file provided by Unicode.org. (made for linux-servers, bash required)
    2) isolated the pinyin conversion function so it can be used by other files (maybe one day it will be OO)
  • Changes
  • 1) input can be done in Big5, GB2312, UTF-8 or plain western.
    2) both dictionaries can be searched with once query, duplicates are removed from the result and the result is orderd accoriding to the UTF-8 value of the first character..
    In tgz format. Has just basic search functionality.

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