PHP scripts

This is a collection of PHP scripts I wrote myself. Some scripts contain code that I found elsewere on the net and I have tried to give credit to the original authors where possible.

Chinese language related
  • yase-4-CEDICT (yet another search engine for CEDICT). This is a search script for the the Chinese-English Dictionary Project.

  • Unicode Character Look Up. Returns character information from the Unicode CJK database. The input is the Unicode value of the character. Try it on the Chinese Tools-page. PHPS (source)

  • Simplified/Traditional Variants : Get a list of all Chinese unicode characters that have a simplified or traditional variant. PHP (live) - PHPS (source)
    This script can be used to find the simplified or traditional variant of a known character.

  • Character Frequency : Use the following script to display the number of Chinese characters and their frequency in a text file. PHP (live) - PHPS (source code)
    This script can be used for students that need to make analysis of Chinese texts.

Chinese culture related
    Chinese Lunar Calendar
  • Displays the Chinese animal associated with a Gregorian year and the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. PHP (source) (based on simple calculation). You can see it in action on the Chinese Tools-page.
  • Displays the lunar calendar day & month together with the zodia sign and associated Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches of the year based on a Gregorian date. PHP (source). You can see it in action on the Chinese Tools-page.

Handy little scripts & code
  • Detection of the operating system : os.php
  • Browser language detection : language.php
  • Show PHP (source) code in your browser/HTML/PHP : phpcode.php
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