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This is "yet another search engine for CEDICT" (yase-4-CEDICT).

It uses PHP and displays the characters in Unicode and pinyin with tones on it.

Input :
Input is :
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Dictionary file :
no sorting and removing of duplicates (improves speed)

CEDICT Big5 version :
CEDICT GB version :

The objective of the CEDICT project is to create an online, downloadable (as opposed to searchable-only) public-domain Chinese-English dictionary.
You can always contribute by adding new entries or report wrong entries.

Notes about the script:
The 5th tone is being stripped (since there is no such thing).
The option between Big5 or GB is used to select the dictionary file. And is also necessary for the conversion of the Chinese characters to unicode.
The conversion of the characterssets depends on iconv (more info), so if you want to use this script, make sure you have this function compiled in your PHP.
Source and latest version of this script.